Screening for COVID-19 and Related Symptoms Has Never Been Easier

COVID-19 Screening Made Easy

MyHealthMonitor is the most advanced COVID-19 screening tool for organizations of all sizes.

Based on the latest research and a best practice approach, the COVID-19 screening app simplifies COVID-19 self-screening once or twice a day, and streamlines the early detection and monitoring of COVID-19 symptoms and risk factors.

Detect, Monitor, Prevent

When a possible infection is identified, or when risk increases, MyHealthMonitor automatically alerts health practitioners linked to the individual’s account. They can use the group dashboard to instantly identify ‘at-risk’ or sick individuals among large groups. Health practitioners can then use the messaging system to contact individuals, and use the built-in electronic medical record system to record diagnoses, record notes, treatments or attach files and documents to the individual’s profile.

An Essential Tool for Any Organization

MyHealthMonitor helps organizations implement systematic COVID-19 screening, track symptoms, identify ‘at-risk’ individuals and deliver better care and illness prevention.

Detailed illness statistics and epidemiological reports can be produced in seconds and used to implement data-driven illness management and prevention strategies based on the most accurate data available.

Better Health Monitoring Starts Here

Easy to use. Complete. Adaptable.