Maximize retention. Enhance Productivity. Lower Health Costs.

Detect increased risk, prevent burnout, injuries and mitigate the impact of stressors on the workers’ body and mind

Costs of Poor Mental and Physical Health are Enormous. We can Help!

Talent is hard to find and keep. You ask a lot of your employees and, as you will do for a team of elite athletes, you want to maximize work readiness,  prevent workplace-related health problems and optimize engagement. 

By assessing, monitoring, quantifying and analyzing workplace-specific mental and physical health risk factors such as long exposure to mental fatigue, extreme stress and harsh environmental conditions,  FITSTATS helps you implement risk reduction strategies that works, engage more directly and deeply with employees, and better mitigate risk and meet their health needs, regardless of their physical location.

With FITSTATS’ unique combination of innovative tools, intelligent analytics, process automation and evidence-based methods, your organization can quickly identify ‘at-risk’ employees, those who need better mental health support, provide individual actionable recommendations, and easily implement effective risk mitigation strategies, which will result in increased employee satisfaction, less workplace injuries, improved engagement and reduced health costs.

A Complete Solution to Reduce Risk and Maximize Retention

Corporation Health Risk Assessment

Leaders use the risk screening tool to identify activities, tasks and work environments that increases the risk of accidents, overuse injuries, work-related illnesses and mental health problems such as stressors, burnout and trauma that impact workers’ day-to-day activities.

Ongoing Health monitoring

Employees complete a weekly health report form covering mental, emotional and physical health (acute, overuse injuries and illnesses), which takes only 3-4 minutes to complete, via a mobile app.

Early risk identification

Instant actionable alerts and risk-scoring dashboard helps leaders to quickly identify ‘at-risk’ individual, detect health problems, toxic workplace issues, acute and overuse injuries, and intervene in an individualized way, before they become larger issues leading to missed work day.

Easy implementation & access

FITSTATS helps you monitor employees’ well-being, physical and mental health from anywhere using an easy-to-use app. It instantly informs you when someone needs attention. Our specialists work with Company staff to develop and implement the optimal  risk reduction strategies for your company’s unique context, culture, and constraints.

Individual support

Once a health problem is detected during the weekly health monitoring, your leadership team is immediately informed and can securely communicate with the individual, provide support, risk mitigation strategy, closely monitor symptoms, measure impact on daily life and accelerate return to work, while reducing stigma attached to addressing mental health issues.

Analytics and Reporting

Organization and division-wide risk management dashboards driven by powerful evidence-based analytics, combined with the ability to track both vital risk management metrics and company-specific KPIs, provides simple and easy ways to measure success. Instant group and individual reports and epidemiological statistics, helps measuring compliance, and the impact of the intervention on the employees’ level of job satisfaction, reduction of missed work day and health costs.

A Simple, Adaptable, Easy-to-use Platform



Provide an accurate picture of any individual’s current health risk profile and is used to inform prevention and treatment programmes.



Create and publish online questionnaires, screening forms and custom surveys. No more paper, real-time answers!



Activate the API integration of your choice in your Settings, or use the use our built-in Excel templates to import data from any device.



Make more informed decisions based on the nature of alerts, fatigue (physical and psychological), wellness, fitness, health and recovery levels.



Electronic Medical record keeping creates the ability to access medical records when required to inform any preventative measures or treatment programme.



Automated health and lifestyle recommendations based on employees individual current state of health



Securely share files, videos and pictures with all members /employees to communicate, inform and educate



Automatically transfer data in less than 10 seconds.

Simple, Adaptable, Easy-to-use

HIPAA & GDPR compliant

Easy to use by everyone

All your data in one place



API and integrations

Available in 15 languages

Actionable alerts

Push notifications

Data & file encryption

Free training and unlimited, friendly support

Safe, secure & confidential

Continuously enhanced

Free and unlimited support

Shift your company on overdrive!