Monitoring Health Remotely Has Never Been Easier

A Total Care Solution

MyHealthMonitor is the most innovative remote health and wellness monitoring solution available today.

Based on the latest research and a best practice approach, AthleteMonitoring is easy to use by everyone. It simplifies the remote monitoring of physical and mental health and well-being, and the early detection of health problems and related symptoms with scientifically validated tools and methods.

Combined with a complete HIPAA/GDPE electronic medical record system (EMR) and state-of-the-art communication tools, MyHealthMonitor provides a complete digital health solution to organizations looking to deliver quality individualized care and prevention programs

Built on the Latest Science

MyHealthMonitor includes the scientifically validated Oslo Sport Trauma Research Center Questionnaire on Health Problems, specially adapted for use by non-athletes, a daily wellness questionnaire, a HIPAA & GDPR compliant medical record system and secure communication tools. It streamlines injury & illness tracking, note keeping and case management, while maximizing data privacy and security.

MyHealthMonitor instantly notifies practitioners when health problems are reported (or updated) and produces health graphs, reports, profiles and epidemiological statistics in seconds.

Easy to Use by Everyone

Participants can complete health and wellness questionnaires from anywhere using their preferred smartphone, tablet or computer.

Health practitioners can detect illnesses, acute and overuse injuries remotely, before they become time-loss problems.

Researchers can collect quality injury and illness data to drive better prevention strategies.

How it Works


Participants complete the short weekly health survey (about 3-4 min per week to complete) on their preferred device.

They can easily report unusual fatigue, well-being issues, and any physical and mental health problems that impacts their ability to work or perform their daily duties.

Health Practitioners

When a new health problem is reported, or when the severity of symptoms increases, MyHealthMonitor automatically alerts health practioners linked to the participant’s account.

They can then use the built-in electronic medical record system to record diagnoses, update incidents, record SOAP notes, treatments or attach files and documents to the participant’s profile.

Organizations, Researchers

Fully anonymized health statistics and epidemiological reports can be produced in seconds and used to implement data-driven injury prevention strategies based on the most accurate data available.

MyHealthMonitor helps organizations implement individualized health and wellness monitoring, securely manage medical records, enhance communication between participants, health practitioners, supervisors and the administrative team, and ultimately, deliver better care and prevention.

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